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We co-create exhibitions, experiences and events for progressive companies

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Trade shows and events

MAXMEDIA produces trade shows and events for specific industry sectors across Australia and New Zealand. MAXMEDIA are event organisers and marketers who utilise the latest tools to generate compelling content for all types of media, and implement strategies that activate and maintain client engagement.

Diverse range of industries

We are a full service event organiser with experience across a diverse range of industries including Corporate Services, Hospitality, Engineering, Foodtechnology, Packaging, Health and Safety, Materials Handling, Warehousing, Construction and Agriculture.

We target your audience

MAXMEDIA produces events and campaigns that are relevant, researched and engage the target audience and manages onsite visitor engagement activities and VIP Buyer Programs.

We will get you face to face with your target audience

Exhibitions enable you to meet the people that matter to your business in one place, including existing customers, new prospects, suppliers, advisers, investors and key figures in your industry.
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